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Wow. Okay. I really, really didn't like this. It's obvious you can draw, but you can't animate at all. Your movements are stiff and illogical, your actions don't feel natural in any way, and don't get me started on your awkward and annoying use of sound. Of course, not everything revolves around perfect technical animation, but the story in itself was.. quite bland, too. So, just a pretty non-remarkable and rather badly animated movie. Sorry, but not front-page material.

Mixed feelings.

Your backgrounds are amazing and your animation is good in its scribbly way. You know how to capture a feeling and how to use scenery.. but one thing you really really need to work on is your use of sound. The music you chose fits the content, but it often ends abruptly in a way that doesn't work and you kind of get jerked out of the story.. But otherwise a pretty good movie.


Really, the timing was off, the animation was kind of mediocre and the humor was.. nonexistent.
I'm giving this a 4 out of ten because it wasn't complete crap, but it wasn't good enough to deserve a 5, in my opinion.

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This game was serious fun. It was pretty, it was cute, and I was never a moment bored. Everything about this game was so well thought-out, it strongly deserves 10 stars.
Only downside: My eyes were following the paper plane and it's surroundings so violently that my whole room was moving when I looked away for a moment :p

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Awesome! I love the technique you use here, it's quite vibrant and the drawing itself just kicks ass. I think it would also make for great a great T-shirt design.

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BryanV responds:


Nice, but..

The face is well done, good, realistic technique without losing the feel of a drawing. I'm keeping a few points though (if I could I'd give you a 7.5) because the hand seems out of proportion. Too large (along with the arm), and a bit too heavy on the shading.
Try not to overlook the drawing as a whole before you get lost in details.
But anyway, nicely done!

Not bad, but some remarks

Overall, it's a bit simple, but that's okay. The concept is nice, but if I may give some advice: eyelashes are not a bunch of hairs bundled together. A close-up of an eye will have very obvious single eyelashes and drawing them one by one will give a much more realistic looking eye.
Furthermore what I think is a little mistake: it seems though you reflected your own eye backwards. If it was a reflection the iris would be looking down instead of up. If that was on purpose though, pretend I didn't say anything.

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