Entry #18

YOU need a vacation in Antwerp! (flat for rent)

2014-07-06 13:48:03 by Morthagg

Okay, so this is not a typical Newgrounds news post, but I figured I could use any exposure I can get about this.

So! If you follow my comic you might know that I'll be leaving for a trip to america in about 2 months (I still need places to stay so if you'd like to host me, please shoot me a message!), and I need someone to take over my apartment for the two months that I'm gone.

So, here's some information: My flat is for rent from the 26th of august to the 28th of october, since I'll be leaving for America!
It's about 58m², lies in Borgerhout, close to Antwerp city centre, right in between Berchem station and Antwerp central station (about a 15 minute walk from either of them), less than 100m to a tram or bus station. It has one bedroom with a two-person bed, one diningroom, one kitchen, one bathroom with a toilet in a seperate room next to it, and one livingroom/work studio. It has a lot of sun in the afternoon, lies in a calm one-way street and is well insulated.
Renting price is €550/month, all expenses included (including internet). Suited for 2 people. Email to: Hanne.Dewachter.89@gmail.com or just shoot me a message over Newgrounds.

For pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Have a pretty picture. Yes there is a nun on my fridge and I have the first 150 pokemon on the wall there. Have a pretty picture.

Yes, I have a nun on my fridge.


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2014-07-06 13:50:42

Hang on I'm coming over there
Wait...there's pie right???

Morthagg responds:


well, probably. Maybe. It could be arranged.


2014-07-06 14:25:03

Be there in a blitz


2014-07-07 09:31:26

Google the words "holiday house exchange" and you'll see some choices. If it were me, I'd pay the rent in advance, and lock everything up tight :| Hope you can find someone/some family in time for your trip!

Morthagg responds:

Yeah, I'll have people staying over no matter what, folks gotta look after my plants and all :D So the house will in no way go 2 months unattended.
And yeah, didn't think of that yet, maybe I can look into it. Thanks!


2014-09-06 21:58:23

Wow, you're still over here?! Sounds like you've found some good people to be around (lurking your webcomic)! I'm very glad the NW has been accommodating so far! Yeah, there sure are a lot of homeless out that way....