Sketchswap entry finished and portalised!

2013-02-16 13:16:06 by Morthagg

Guyyyssss, I finished my Sketchswap Contest Submission!
It was actually one of the few instances that I worked on an image and never really had an "oh my Darwin this looks like fucking mush I should set it on fire and start over"-moment. I tried a technique I'd never tried before and I'm really quite happy with how it looks. It's a little plastic-y and I don't think I would use that kind of colouring in everything I do, but it does give it the American comicbook-style I was going for.
Also, load of thanks to Milkytentacles for providing me with the sketch (that you see in the upper right corner of the full version)

I'm really curious toward the submission that are yet to come.


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2013-02-16 13:41:49

The sketchswap picture is just amazing!! But why make your version of the female creature look different than the sketch? Not complaining, you got the style you were aiming for down pat, and with a lot more detail! Really like to see a few more done in this fashion!

(Updated ) Morthagg responds:

Thanks! And well, I guess I kept the important features, but I uglified her a bit more to make the contrast more obvious.
And yeah, I'd love to make some more like this, but it took me a while to finish, so it's gonna be an everyday thing.


2013-03-13 12:43:17

My condolences, (your rat)

Morthagg responds:

Thank you.


2013-03-20 06:27:56

He changed his name, so... 1828
Enjoyed your web comic immensely! Kinda sad you didn't include Newgrounds on the links page in your website - we're so overlooked here :(


2014-05-30 21:21:05

I hope turns out better than you expected!

Morthagg responds:

I already expect it to be pretty great, but thank you! :D