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Guise guise I made a Tumblr!

2012-12-09 15:23:13 by Morthagg

So yeah!!
It's related to my webcomic, Dork Toes, but I'll probably upload a lot of random sketches and things, next to first drafts of comics and such. I think. Not sure yet, we'll see.
But anyway, yay!

Guise guise I made a Tumblr!


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2012-12-09 17:25:03

Loving the 'First" pic, and still lovin' your webcomic! Do you keep your rats caged or do they run around (forgive me if I asked this before - I'm old)?

Morthagg responds:

Thanks! And I keep my rat in a cage, yes. Well, two cages. On their own they're not big enough to house rats, so I combined them by making a little hallway between the two, to make one big one, heh. Liking your asterix avatar, btw!


2012-12-09 22:06:07

tumblr looks neat! follow'd!

Morthagg responds:



2012-12-28 11:46:05

I like the fact you're a self made person, and don't borrow to make your art fantastic (and expressive)!
Thanks, but at least your avatar is really you - I got no yellow mustache, don't fight Romans or live in the North of France :)